Post Workout Tips – What You Must Know Before You Hit the Showers

Thanks to the benevolence of your employer, you have exactly one hour for lunch. In those 60 minutes, you want to change into workout clothes, warm up, exercise, cool down, shower, dress, and maybe even eat lunch.

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So it’s obviously not the time to take a long, leisurely shower. But if you’re going back to work, skipping a shower isn’t a very pleasant option – especially for your co-workers.

Showering after a workout is a good idea, because if you’re going to have any kind of decent workout, you’re going to sweat. While even the quickest lunch-hour rinse will remove sweat from your body, you should use soap regularly when you shower to kills the bacteria on the skin that can cause or contribute to body odour.

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So if you work yourself into a lather during your morning or evening shower, there’s less bacteria on your skin come workout time, resulting in less chance of body odour, and hence less need for a midday shower. The good news is that nearly all commercially sold soaps have antibacterial qualities.

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