Useful Fitness Tips For A Beginner

So you have finally decided to start exercising. Well congratulations! You will never regret such an idea because exercising regularly has a lot of benefits. However, it is better you get some fitness tips first so as to avoid any costly mistakes or injuries as a beginner.

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A beginner should always start slow. Never jump into more difficult workouts. Build up your endurance gradually. Gain some fitness knowledge first before starting your first workout. You will have a better understanding of the whys and what not to do. Having a deeper understanding of how exercise will benefit your body and mind will help you to work out better.

If you have any old injuries or suffering from arthritis and painful joints, then a doctor consultation should be on your to-do-list before starting any exercise regime.

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Keep a journal to record your workout progress. All fitness experts recommend this as this will keep you motivated. Set a target. Say, you wish to lose 10 pounds in a month’s time or maybe run 200 meters without stopping to catch your breath. Then write down your progress as you proceed. Do not just record your time and distance covered and the pounds reduced. Jot down your feelings too after each round of exercise. If you miss a workout, then write down the reasons why. This way, you avoid making the same mistakes and can discover what motivates you better.

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